Beauty is health, Glamour is dead

This is a tribute
To all women who have lost themselves or their lives due to the act of modelingFor those women who constantly felt the pressures of society screaming at them to be “picture perfect”For those that felt trappedAbused their bodiesand often felt useless as an artist who was constantly starvingThis is for those women who have lost their lives because they couldn’t find the strength to leave this imageWill you find the strength?

Model: Margaret Wallis, all photos by Sarah Annay.


4 thoughts on “Beauty is health, Glamour is dead

  1. Your photos should help us recognize that modeling in our culture exploits women. It is a business not an art. The human body is beautiful and should not be made to look a certain way when a women or man must starve, experience poor health, nutritional deprevation, low self esteem and all for $$$$. Sarah you can photograph women and men who are a more accurate representation of us all.

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