Adventure Begins with Upcoming TV Stars

Travis Sheltra, 28, practices the human ladder with camera man Joey ‘Bag of
Donuts’, both St. Augustine locals.

They are in post-production of a pilot episode being sent to networks world-wide. The show involves these two and three others (see photo below) traveling across the globe to different national parks, exploring the ins and outs of the area, its wildlife and culture. Even better, they will show you exactly how to get there, when to go and where to stay throughout your trip. It is a travel book gone wild.

Travis’ background is studying wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Florida. He never imagined himself taking up a job as a park conservationist or researcher. Instead, he has always hoped for something much bigger- and in his mind that is through the media.

When asked about the shows main theme, Travis said, “It’s to show people how to get out there and explore these amazing places on our planet and by doing so, supporting the ecosystems that are slowly disappearing. It’s about having fun in nature.”


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