Sustainability; Wear What’s Good

Jon Bosworth, 37, co-owner of St. Augustine’s new sustainable boutique “Artifact”, prepares a shirt on the screen press using water-based inks.   Artifact opened in July and it is now entering the “slow season” for most downtown businesses. Jon is not concerned with the tourists’ departure and hopes to bring in local customers who are supportive of the sustainable fabric movement.

This is the story of two brothers, prior owners of a pizzeria in Jacksonville,  spending years in California learning about sustainable clothing and  eventually settling down on 46 Charlotte Street, St. Augustine. What is their  mission?

“Everything here is local, recycled, sustainable or all three. We buy from organic cotton growers who don’t ruin the soil with pesticides when planting their seeds. We are not aimed at the tourist industry in St. Augustine, we hope to cater to locals who care about sustainability and then- we will do well,” Jon explained.

 The store is arranged artistically with items such as handmade necklaces, recycled tire flip flops, organic cotton tees and hemp satchels.

Artifact has many plans for the fall including its introduction to screen printing.  They are accepting prints from native artists and abroad. Customers will be able to choose a print and have their t-shirt made “to order” right in front of their eyes! They also have a beautiful courtyard that will be utilized for the Art Walk on October 7, 2011 and more events to come.

 Hand-made barrettes by local Jacksonville artist.

                                Shoes made from recycled tires. 


3 thoughts on “Sustainability; Wear What’s Good

  1. Thanks for the coverage, Sarah. You are the first person to write about us! Great pictures. Thanks for helping us get the word out. Glad you stopped in that fateful afternoon. Hope we see you again (Like for Moyamoya live in the courtyard on October 7 – free food & drinks & amazing live rock)

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